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The Domme is a true story of a dominatrix who falls in love with her nephew who had perused his gorgeous aunt Anna. She isn't much older than her handsome hung nephew when things get heated up in their BDSM lifestyle as fetish providers for a wealthy kinky clientele. This exciting tale takes flight when their discreet business escalates and flourishes both legitimately and behind closed doors when daughter Carol bring business to a whole new level and lures her kissing Cousin Tony away from her dominant mother Anna after insisting he be shared in this unique love triangle.



This is a true love story of an extremely beautiful Italian Dominatrix and her handsome yet aggressive nephew Tony, She was the most sought-after Fetish Providing Femme Domme in all of New England back in the 1960’s. Her name was Anna but was called ‘DomAnna’ by most of her wealthy Fetish seeking clientele. Anna however was called Auntie Anna or “Gorgeous” by her charming, flirtatious and confident well-endowed teenage nephew Tony who was possessed by the Goddess Aunts presence with rare purple eyes and flaunting statuesque figure always dressed in tailor made outfits and taunted with the Italian stallion nephew. The determined well-built teenage nephew flaunted right back to his Goddess Aunt Anna demanding her attention and approval in his tight bulging Sicily jeans catching her attention as well as her jealous daughter Cousin Carol already exploring with her same age kissing Cousin Tony.

The relentless and determined cocky nephew Tony was stopping at nothing to ravish this Jaw dropping Italian Goddess to meet privately begging her for the chance to please her better than any Client in her private clients journal that he and Cousin Carol had found in the secret closet. His powerful words of passion he whispered in her ear at family gatherings had unlocked his Aunt Anna’s heart and released the hungry sex animal within the much more experienced Fetish Providing Goddess who had never experienced true love in the past, but burning with desires now to give her possessed and gifted Italian nephew a lesson on love HE would never forget,

Auntie Anna at 32 looked no older than 22 in her new 3 piece tailor made hot-pants skirt suits that were popular in the 60’s along with 6” Italian stilettos showing off her incredible long toned flawless legs leading up to her heart shaped ass as she walked by arousing her nephew Tony on eye contact every time. Waiting for her at her office as she had ordered him to do so Tony jumped at the order. With her silk blouse unbuttoned down to her fitted vest, Auntie Anna burned a picture into her nephew’s brain as she dominantly stood over Tony sitting with his Jaw dropped. Unable to speak, the cocky confident nephew just crumbled as she lifted her right leg firmly planting her stiletto heel onto Tonys toned out chest and ordered him to kneel before the Goddess Aunt. When he would be able to speak again, the words Auntie Anna would be replaced by Mistress or Goddess Anna as she ‘collared’ and claimed her nephew Tony that day as her ‘Personal Property’ just as he had dreamed.

Cousin Carol, although a teenager only 6 months older than her fondling kissing Cousin Tony was now developing the same hourglass figure and identical purple eyes as her dominating mother would not be denied her ongoing exploring with her handsome protective Cousin Tony. Cousin Carol never surrenders to keep her kissing cousin Tony she had learned to crawl with as babies is now hoping he will stray from the alluring FemDomme now grooming her nephew into the BDSM world. Cousin Carol always keeps a hold on Tony telepathically and hopes he will come crawling back to her, or insisting he be shared in this one of a kind love triangle that will stun the family and even their own clientele.

With a long 100% Sicilian/Italian bloodline on both sides of their families, Mafioso Uncles Johnny Boy of Chicago and Uncle Angelo from SanDiego come into play protecting nephew Tony and Domme Anna from factions and rivals that try to take a piece of their action which is now flourishing legitimately in the Physical-Therapy business under Cousin Carols new MRI/CAT scanning Company catering to wealthy Boston athletes and prominent CEO’s, seeking sexual fetish/fantasies.

‘SIR’ SportsInjuryRehabilitation A start-up company with the 2Million dollar insurance policy money was used after the unsolved mysterious death of Carols fiancé ‘Louie Lipstick’ thrown off the Tobin Bridge after the cousins had split up briefly. With all leads pointing to her protective Cousin Tony and her ruthless Momme Domme Anna there was no proof leaving Boston Homicide detectives baffled, therefore nobody was ever charged.

Nephew/Cousin Tony is torn between his Fantasy Goddess Aunt Anna and his stubborn, spoiled telepathic soulmate Cousin Carol but keeps pleasing them both in order not to lose them both, An unfortunate turn of events happen however in 1973 when Auntie Anna’s Leukemia had returned forcing the gorgeous Dominatrix FemDomme Anna of all FemDomme’s to semi-retire and allow her protective lover nephew Tony to stay with Carol and for both of them to take Control of her Estate, and her private Fetish seeking clientele enterprise.

Five-year Fetish client, insatiable Masochist, and CEO of a major telecom Co, Bi/sexual Evelyn leaves her husband, her job and retired to take care of her secret lover and Fetish Provider DomAnna up in Derry N.H. at their summer cottage while Anna gradually weakens only advising her daughter Carol and nephew Tony on business tearing herself away from her Nephew the only man she ever loved promising him to wait for him and Carol in heaven.


In the end of Vol 1 the Domme Anna was still alive, depending on how you wanted to see it.

In vol2 DomAnna is still alive as well while blood testing for compatible donors to perform transfusions on the weakening Goddess, Blood lab tests reveal astonishing results to Doctors in early stages of DNA not nearly knowing what they know now, however rare blood types and birth imperfections or markings would still be major factors to convince Doctors and a Jury that Anna’s sister Joan and their 2 children Tony and Carol ALL had AB Neg blood type, each with 2 webbed toes on the same foot proving the blood type and webbed toes came from Anna’s rapist father Harry.

The blood labs finding concluded Anna’s father Harry also with rare AB-Neg blood and the same webbed toe had fathered ALL 4 of them making Tony and Carol brother and sister and not just kissing cousins. There was one last thing the court investigation wanted to charge Harry as being a serial rapist and that was to hear from Anna’s mother Jean who had dropped off Anna and her sister Joan at the Home for Little Wanderer’s in Boston almost 30 yrs earlier abandoning them along with a baby boy brother John, who would later find his sisters on his own.

Nobody knew where Carols Nona-Jean was until a few State Employee clients from her discreet kinkster clientele and Mafioso Uncle Angelo found out her whereabouts. Anna’s family network consisted of Uncles and cousins ranging nationally from Boston’s North End to SanDiego California. “You can’t hide from an Italian” Carol told her best friend Patty now working for SIR as a Sadistic Fetish Provider and mentored by DomAnna. Carol and Tony had now escalated Domme Anna’s Fetish Providing business (10 times over) legitimately and behind closed doors.“GO FIND HER!” Carol ordered Patty, Jean Madini is right in Everett, MA. Tell her to get her ass to Dr. Anastovis’ office lab for blood work and she has some explaining to give to my dying mother!” the dominant boss Carol concluded.

Domme Anna’s father Harry was officially being charged as a serial rapist, and also as recent as 2 yrs prior for blackmailing and raping his own granddaughter Carol who would agree to testify, but a turn of events would STUN the family when GrandMa Jean is confronted by the ruthless blonde Patty and goes into a rage from being hunted down and hearing Harry’s name again.

Unfortunate for PaPa-Harry he ran into his ex-wife mean-Jean in the hospital parking garage as she was still in a rage that she was ordered by the court to give blood and a statement, THEN she has to try and make good to her cold-hearted dying daughter Anna on why she abandoned her kids 30 yrs ago.

Jean shot Harry dead in his Cadillac then dismembered the serial rapist that had ruined the knockout brunette Jeans life 30 yrs ago forcing her to abandon her 3 children. Jean was not done yet as she unconsciously dragged his body into the middle of the parking garage road then turned herself getting the chance to see Anna one last time to explain that it was to protect her girls from their sexually abusing father. Anna, Carol and Tony still stunned, got Jean the lawyers she needed.

Alice Capolla with a PhD in psychology who was hired by Tony to run the MRI department at SIR got together with her colleague and author of ‘Dream Theory’ Dr. Lorrie Botello studying dreams, (Oneirology) Together they formed a legal dream team to advise and defend Jean now a cold blooded killer still with a killer body, The 50 yr old stunning grand-mother with a past would now spent some lost time with Anna and gave Anna the explanation she couldn’t believe she was hearing.

Jean (Provenzano) Madini was released on 1Million dollar cash bond put up by her well known brother in Corleone, Sicily who flew to Boston immediately after her phone call for help, but Jean was court ordered to be monitored under Dr. Anastovis’s care in charge of this complicated genetic turned domestic abuse/murder case. ‘Dr, Anastovis a.k.a. ‘Dr. Anas’ as Carol calls him immediately falls in love with Carols (Nonnie) Jean with hardly a wrinkle on her olive complexion face and a body than can pass for a woman half her age., Lorrie Botello PhD, as well as Tony and Carol, along with Department head of MRI at SIR Alice PhD in Psychiatry would monitor Jeans mental progress as well living in Dr, Anastovis’ building in the Back Bay sleeping there together and preparing for trial.

Jeans legal team consisting of 2 well known famous lawyers along with 3 Doctors presented a Not Guilty plea by reason of insanity based on the MacNaughton ruling and won the case. Momma Jean was forgiven by her girls just before Anna died of the deadly disease Leukemia and left the country with Dr. Anastovis and built a villa in Sardinia just off of Sicily overlooking the Sea.

Alice and Lorrie take a well-earned vacation to Ginger Island where Dr. Lorrie Botello, a.k.a. ‘Queen Lola’ buys the tiny Island with the last tribal members facing extinction and saves them. The Island has wild Ginger growing that contains natural Penis enhancements that Lorrie notices in young tribal members and gets addicted to gifted young hung Black tribal men (Arawaks) and wont go home..

Dr Jones who is now in a relationship with Carol tries to get the recipe for the Tribes ‘GiMango’ penis enhancement along with Maddy who is in a relationship with Tony. When Alice sees their devious plan she tells ruthless Domme Patty who then conspires with Uncle Angelos son (Angelo Jr) to assassinate the two on the dock of the Hotel and get Tony and Carol back together again. When the execution is carried out, Angelo Jr and Patty fall for each other and ask Master Tony for his blessing to marry. After Tony gives his blessing he takes Carol back who he never stopped loving.

A screenplay is currently being written on this storyline and will be out in May of 2024.

The End